HxGN AgrOn | Fleet Support for Sugarcane Cultivation

Management and planning of the support fleet, ensuring efficient maintenance of the equipment in the field.

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AgrOn | Fleet Support improves the management of the trains responsible for the maintenance and supply of the machines which execute field operations. The product ensures the optimisation of the circulation of tankers, repair trucks and cable roll-off hoists at the work fronts where the harvesting, planting and cultivation occur, so that harvesters, tractors and other equipment maintain productivity.

Before each work shift, AgrOn | Fleet Support receives the cycle information established for these machines; for example, projections related to supply and preventive maintenance. Thus, the product prepares a routing so that the support lorries go to the areas where the machines are, in optimised mode, ensuring logistics of smart and accurate maintenance and supply.

Functions and benefits:

  • Management and control of the support fleet (train) to ensure supply and maintenance directly in the work fronts.
  • Scheduling of routings for the support fleet from the machine cycles which execute the field operations.
  • System which works together with AgrOn | Fleet Control to ensure that the delivery of raw material is not interrupted.

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