Auto steering

AgrOn Auto Steering

Precision and automated navigation system for tractors, machinery and agricultural and forestry equipment.

Bait Control

Agron Bait-Control

Automated control system for application of formicidal baits in forestry operations.

Hexagon_AG_AgrOn BI_POD_Harvesting_2020

AgrOn BI

Dashboards, reports and data extraction.

AgrOn Control Room

Centralised control system that monitors real-time cultivation operations in the field.

AgrOn Core Box

Innovative Onboard Controller that offers customised solutions for manufacturers of agricultural implements and machines.

Hexagon_AG_AgrOn Data Integration_POD_Cultivation_2020

AgrOn Data Integration

Middleware that allows configure and deploy connection interfaces from different data sources.


Electronic Control Unit for interfacing sensors and agricultural actuators.

AgrOn Expansion Planning

System for planning and optimising the total area of cultivation.

AgrOn Fertilisation Control

Automated control system for fertiliser and limestone applications.

AgrOn Guidance

Orientation system to align tractors, machinery, and agricultural and forestry equipment while executing routes.

AgrOn Harvest Planning

Planning and optimisation system for harvest schedule.

AgrOn Haul-Out Dynamic Allocation

System for synchronising haul-out with cutting pace of harvesters.


AgrOn ISOBUS Display

Standardised communication to connect the implement and the tractor in a single display.

AgrOn Logistics Support Planning

Optimisation and coordination system for support resources to enable productive operations.

AgrOn Machine Monitoring

Information management system for field machinery and fleets.


AgrOn Operation Planning

System for planning and optimising resources to aid execution of operations in the field.


AgrOn Operational Management

Information management system in forestry operations.

AgrOn Plant Planning

Planning and allocation system with ideal varieties for planting.

AgrOn Planting Control

Automated planter control system during farm operations.

AgrOn Planting Monitor

Seed and sugarcane billets spacing monitoring system.

AgrOn Raw Material Traceability

System that automatically tracks raw materials from origination until final delivery.

AgrOn Remote Access

System for remote access to displays for technical assistance and calibrations.

Agron Seedling Marker

System that generates maps of seedlings and pits through georeferencing for forestry operations.

AgrOn Service Order Management

System that executes agricultural and forestry operations planning through service orders.

AgrOn Sprayer Control

Automated control system for spray sections during application.

AgrOn Subsoiling Control

Automated subsoiling depth control system.

AgrOn Ti10

10” display that integrate precision agriculture features in agricultural machines and implements.

AgrOn Ti5

5” screen display that enables the use of precision agriculture features in field operations.

AgrOn Ti7

7” screen display that enables the use of precision agriculture features in field operations.

AgrOn Track Controller

Electromechanical steering system for agricultural vehicles.

AgrOn Transport Optimisation

System that synchronises transport activities with cutting operations in the field.