Planning & Optimisation

Allows planning in short, medium, and long term; and optimise agricultural and forestry processes, generating better dimensioning of investments, cost control of preparation, planting, harvesting and transportation operations; and better achievement of production goals.

AgrOn Plant Planning

Planning and allocation system with ideal varieties for planting.

AgrOn Service Order Management

System that executes agricultural and forestry operations planning through service orders.

AgrOn Operation Planning

System for planning and optimising resources to aid execution of operations in the field.

AgrOn Logistics Support Planning

Optimisation and coordination system for support resources to enable productive operations.

AgrOn Harvest Planning

Planning and optimisation system for harvest schedule.


Generate reports of operating times, productivity indexes, and yields of each machine in the field, guaranteeing complete and accurate traceability, from the origin of the raw material to the processing industry.

AgrOn Control Room

Centralised control system that monitors real-time cultivation operations in the field.

Machine Control

Acting with precision agriculture, the solution allows better alignment of machines with GPS, ensuring the accuracy of the tractors and implements passes, improving the performance of machines and cultivation, harvesting, and transportation operations.

AgrOn Guidance

Orientation system to align tractors, machinery, and agricultural and forestry equipment while executing routes.

AgrOn Auto Steering

Precision and automated navigation system for tractors, machinery and agricultural and forestry equipment.

AgrOn Fertilisation Control

Automated control system for fertiliser and limestone applications.

AgrOn Sprayer Control

Automated control system for spray sections during application.

AgrOn Machine Monitoring

Information management system for field machinery and fleets.

AgrOn Planting Control

Automated planter control system during farm operations.

AgrOn Planting Monitor

Seed and sugarcane billets spacing monitoring system.

HxGN AgrOn ISOBUS Display

Standardised communication to connect the implement and the tractor in a single display.

Analysis & Management

Technology and innovation to make intelligent analysis and assertive management of field operations, used in activities after the execution of activities in the field, aiming to assess whether the result was positive or negative, generate reports and views with aggregated/consolidated data and compare the planned with the accomplished.

AgrOn BI

Dashboards, reports and data extraction.

AgrOn Operational Management

Information management system in agricultural operations.

AgrOn Data Integration

Middleware that allows configure and deploy connection interfaces from different data sources.

HxGN AgrOn

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