The digitisation of agriculture.

HxGN AgrOn | Fleet Control

Ensures that the equipment involved in the harvest operation is working at the optimum levels of efficiency and productivity.

HxGN AgrOn | Fleet Support

Improves the management of the support vehicles responsible for the maintenance and supply of the machines which execute field operations.

HxGN AgrOn | Control Room

An online central system that processes and summarises fleet and operations data in real time to aid decision-making and direct the control processes to the operators.

HxGN AgrOn | Harvest Plan

Enables the advance planning for the harvest, including optimisation of field preparation, planting and inputs— adapted to the specific variables of each area.

HxGN AgrOn | Resource Plan

Planning the allocation of individual and third party resources during the preparing,planting and cultivating processes.

HxGN AgrOn | Service Orders

Planning of resources by issuing service orders and regulating appointments, ensuring they are completed according to schedule.

HxGN AgrOn | Production Plan

Long-term planning of all operations involved in planting and expanding the forestry area.

HxGN AgrOn | Onboard Controllers

A unit of software, sensors and actuators used to monitor and automate agricultural operations.

HxGN AgrOn | Raw Material Tracking

This solution executes automated tracking of the raw material load, from the field to delivery.