HxGN AgrOn | Harvest Plan for Forestry Logistics

Planning and optimisation of preparation, planting and treatments, considering the features of the production locations.

AgrOn | Harvest Plan corresponds to the central part of the process. It is responsible for planning and organising the strategy of reform and planting of the forest areas several cycles beforehand.

Through a study of the features of the varieties of clones, the productivity curves in each production environment and the long-term strategies, the system allows the user to plan,for each production area, the ideal moment of reform and planting. The objective is always to provide productivity gain in the long term.

The analysis checks, among other aspects, the age of the forest and the requirement of possible support operations, as the application of herbicide. Furthermore, AgrOn | Harvest Plan considers the statistical curves related to this planning.

Upon processing this data, the module finds the best combination of periods so that there is global maximisation in the productivity of the cycle. It prepares a complete report to guide the planning from the beginning to end of the month. It is the “brain” of the process:
a broad planning system, which allows the best production possible of wood.

Functions and benefits:

  • Complete analysis of the quality of the raw material.
  • Planning of the harvesting process from a detailed reports.
  • Maximisation of the harvest in accordance with meteorological projections and combinations of dates using the mathematical model.
  • Uninterrupted operation, which allows adjustments and unforeseen events and corrections in the planning.


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Harvest Plan

Plan the harvest optimizing results.