Solutions for Cultivation of Sugarcane

HxGN AgrOn Production

HxGN AgrOn Production is an intelligent, integrated cultivation management solution that empowers sugarcane enterprises to optimise resource efficiency, increases yield, reduces inputs, and ensures quality and profitability.

Production Plan

HxGN AgrOn | Planting Plan for Sugarcane Cultivation

This solution optimises the cultivation by calculating inputs, resources, and amount of land needed for long-term production.

HxGN AgrOn | Resource Plan for Sugarcane Cultivation

This solution improves each cycle’s cultivation plan for maximum efficiency, scheduling operations intelligently, and calculating the quantity of resources required for each stage.

FLeet Suppot

HxGN AgrOn | Fleet Support for Sugarcane Cultivation

This solution better manages support vehicles that maintain and supply the primary machines used for cultivation.

Service Orders

HxGN AgrOn | Service Orders for Sugarcane Cultivation

This solution ensures the cultivation plan is implemented – automatically issuing service orders to production locations and onboard controllers.


HxGN AgrOn | Onboard Controllers for Sugarcane Cultivation

This solution is comprised of dedicated hardware used to monitor and control machines and implements, connecting operations and transmitting information in real-time for collection in the Control Room.

Control Room

HxGN AgrOn | Control Room for Sugarcane Cultivation

This is a system that continuously receives data from production locations enabling centralised monitoring and management.


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