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10 May 2017

Our customer Raízen is the renewable energy leader in Brazil and the sugar-alcohol industry’s first integrated player, acting in all stages of the process – sugarcane growing, sugar, ethanol and energy production, sales, internal logistics and fuel export, distribution and retail operations.
Raízen was recently recognised as one of Brazil’s 100+ Innovators in IT for Project Pentagon. The main objective of the project was centralisation and optimisation of all plant logistics, allowing remote control and management of harvesting processes (cutting, loading and transporting) and support tasks (maintenance, supply and machinery) for the company’s 19 agricultural units – all from a single control room.

Raízen and Hexagon Agriculture collaborated using key technologies to make this vision a reality. These technologies optimise decision making in planning, scheduling and dispatching resources and operations for the entire value chain in the sugarcane industry. For instance, 100% of mill truck dispatch decisions are without human intervention, made by optimisation models powered by Hexagon technology to achieve full automation. They also allow sugarcane mill customers to enjoy significant value from increased crop productivity and captured logistics efficiencies.

Please join me in congratulating Raizen on a project well done and its recognition as an IT innovator.
Collaborating with a trusted partner to advance an idea into a comprehensive, strategic solution – that’s shaping smart change.

Bernardo de Castro
Hexagon Agriculture

Bernardo de CastroBernardo de Castro is president of Hexagon Agriculture and has more than 10 years of experience with technology companies. Bernardo has an automation engineering background and is a co-founder and former CEO of Arvus Tecnologia, a Brazil-based leader in precision agriculture software and hardware acquired by Hexagon in 2014.

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Shaping Smart Change Honouree - Raízen

Learn how Hexagon Agriculture's technologies are being leveraged by Raízen to shape smart change in the sugarcane industry.