World smart agriculture market expected to grow

With annual rates of 12.3%, revenues should double by 2023, reaching US$ 13.5 billion.

03 April 2019

A survey released on Wednesday, 3, by MarketsandMarkets, shows annual growth of 12.3% in the world market for smart agriculture until 2023. The expectation is that the income should double, reaching US$ 13.5 billion. The "Intelligent Agricultural Market" report highlights the companies that have contributed most to the growth of this segment with high investments in research and development and the launch of innovative products and services. Hexagon's Agriculture division is the only one headquartered in Brazil to be cited by MarketsandMarkets.

"In agriculture, as in any business, it is critical to monitor and technologically connect all processes to increase productivity and profitability. Only by analysing the data is it possible to verify and correct problems in cultivation, harvesting or even transportation logistics as quickly as possible," says Bernardo de Castro, president of the division. The products developed by Hexagon connect the field, the equipment and the people. The main differential is the integration of all processes - cultivation, harvest and logistics, resulting in more efficiency in the use of resources and inputs, avoiding waste and improving profitability.

The research points to the relevance of automation and control systems that integrate positioning, orientation and direction (GPS) and controlled input application (VRT) technologies. The report also highlights the field of precision agriculture applications. “They play a vital role in improving efficiency and helping growers to maximise crop yields,” the paper notes.

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