Hexagon reinforces the democratisation of technology at the Precision Agriculture Congress

Event will be held in Campinas (SP, Brazil) between 9 and 11 August and is expected to bring together around 800 participants to discuss studies, practices and technologies for an efficient field

According to global consultancy Markets and Markets, the precision agriculture market is expected to grow by 61% by 2026 - and medium and small businesses are expected to lead this advance. In this scenario, Hexagon's Agriculture division will take advantage of the Brazilian Precision Agriculture Congress - ConBAP 2022, to show how current technology can be accessed by manufacturers and producers of all sizes. The event will be held in Campinas (SP, Brazil) between 9 and 11 August and is expected to gather around 800 participants to discuss studies, practices and technologies for an efficient field.

"With the advance of innovations and digitalisation in the field, the use of technologies is no longer a competitive differential, becoming a necessity for any producer or manager who wants to remain in the market with good results," points out Marcio Blau, Latin America Sales Manager of Hexagon’s Agriculture division, which develops and provides digital solutions for the agricultural and forestry sectors. "The resources are increasingly accessible for small and medium businesses, which can find a progressive range of options for their operations", adds Marcio, who will be speaking on "Digital Solutions for Agriculture" at the congress. The presentation will take place on 10 August at 11:45 am in the "AP Market" room.

Today, at least 84% of Brazilian farmers rely on technology support, as shown by a survey led by the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation (Embrapa). The variety of brands and models of equipment already allows the choice of a supplier that is suited to the most diverse operations, according to the capacity of the property and the size and type of crop. Hexagon, for example, offers three display levels to the market: the HxGN AgrOn Ti5, Ti7 and Ti10. While the latter is a launch with a 10.1-inch HD screen and a high-performance processor to meet the needs of large companies, the Ti5 is an entry-level product, i.e. a piece of equipment with ease of use, applicability in various farming operations and affordable investment. 

"Each product has its own particularities to meet the needs of different operations, but all follow the principle of allowing the use of several precision farming solutions on just one display, integrating processes, avoiding waste and increasing efficiency and profitability," reinforces Marcio.

The three displays will be on display at Hexagon's booth at the congress, as will the precision tools that can be embedded in these products, such as AgrOn Auto Steering, AgrOn Machine Monitoring and AgrOn Fertilisation Control. Another solution presented will be AgrOn Control Room, which remotely monitors everything that happens in the field in real time, as well as planning and operation analysis software.

The company will also be exhibiting its latest market launch, the HxGN AgrOn ECU ISOBUS - an Electronic Control Unit that interfaces with sensors and actuators in agricultural implements. With communication in the ISOBUS standard, the product focused on the agricultural manufacturers market allows compatibility with devices of different brands and models. 

ConBAP is promoted by the Brazilian Association of Precision and Digital Agriculture (AsBraAP) and takes place every two years, including talks, plenary sessions, sector panels, presentation of scientific papers and spaces for companies to exhibit their products and services. With the central theme "Precision Agriculture in the Digital Era", this year's event is expected to bring together around 800 participants, including researchers, technical assistance and extension professionals, professors, students, agricultural companies and rural producers.

About Hexagon
Hexagon's Agriculture division, with headquarters and factory in Florianópolis (SC), provides technologies that convert data into intelligent information to improve agricultural and forestry operations and increase profits through optimised planning, efficient execution, accurate machine controls, and automated workflows. Hexagon, a global leader in autonomous sensor and software solutions, has about 22,000 employees in 50 countries and net sales of about €4.3 billion. Find out more at https://hexagonagriculture.com.

What: ConBAP 2022
When: August 09 to 11
Where: Campinas - SP
Booth: 36
Website: https://www.asbraap.org/conbap/ 

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