HxGN AgrOn Fertilisation Control

Automated control system for fertiliser and limestone applications.

Intelligently regulates and automates limestone and fertiliser application, avoiding waste and failures while providing real-time coverage. The product has variable rate application system for two types of implement, conveyor and based on an electric linear free flow hopper.

  • Possibility of installation on track and electric variable rate
  • Section shutdown on hydraulic motors
  • Simple calibration and operation
  • High precision controller
  • Displays application traces during operation
  • Records detailed operating information
  • Monitors and controls the application of up to 3 solid inputs
  • Imports maps (.shp) pre-defined in the office
  • Integrated with Ti5 or Ti7 display
  • Includes the Remote Access add-on module
  • Reduces crash application
  • Rationalisation of the use of inputs
  • Soil nutrient equalisation
  • Better harvest quality

Watch the vídeo and learn more about this product: