HxGN AgrOn Operation Planning

Planning and optimisation system of resources for operations in the field.

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To optimise each year’s cultivation plan for maximum yield at lowest cost, this module combines third-party agronomic data models with sensor data from each cultivation location to produce a plan for hundreds of different operations — from deciding which seeds to plant where, to the timing of cultivation and harvest. It calculates resources required at each stage, compares availability of existing resources and flags any gaps which might require outsourcing.

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  • Optimises machines, labour and supplies
  • Allows ideal dimensioning for third parties to leverage effectively and meet demands
  • Projects and arranges all operations involved in preparation, planting, harvesting and cultivation of production areas for the entire year
  • Projects the zero-based budget of the entire agricultural area
  • Integrated with service orders management and provides process updates
  • Improves the efficiency of production to cane year over year
  • Reduces resources and manpower waste
  • Improves resource management on demand
  • Agility in operations