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The Challenge of Harvest Logistics

agIn forestry operations, success is defined by productivity. Efficiently moving product from field to processing is one of the most critical phases of production and one filled with logistical risks  risks that can compromise the volume, quality and economics of production. On average, harvesting, transshipping and transportation alone account for 30% to 60% of raw materials cost and are fraught with cascading CAPEX and OPEX inefficiencies

In remote environments such as fields and forests, a single variable can impact productivity in unforeseen and adverse ways. What producers and suppliers need is an end-to-end solution to view, learn from and act on every element of the harvest and processing operation, no matter the environmental conditions.

Harvest Intelligently

AgrOn Logistics is an intelligent, fully integrated solution for forestry producers and their suppliers helping them plan, manage, monitor, analyse and optimise the complex logistics processes essential to harvest, transshipping and transportation.

Our platform has been adopted by forward-thinking agriculture and forestry businesses worldwide, helping them substantially improve their harvest logistics workflows. Customers are experiencing steep productivity gains and sharp decreases in raw materials loss thanks to AgrOn Logistics.


AgrOn Logistics creates reliable, durable hardware and software-agnostic networks that put an end to idle machines and wasted fuel, time and money. They keep workflows running and enable operators to manage all in-field logistics and analysis processes.

Agricultural and forestry environments are looking for more than just network connectivity - they require information connectivity to ensure uptime all the time. AgrOn Logistics makes this possible with its integrated control room and machine device displays that enable operators to manage the entire operation supported by analytical and optimisation tools.


AgrOn Logistics intelligently synchronises harvest workflows with onboard controllers that interact across multiple endpoints and processes from trucks, cameras, sensors and drivers to location orientation and navigation  even in remote environments where reliable coordination is essential for managing all activities across crops, machinery, harvest and forwarding processes.

Our machine-to-machine synchronisation capabilities enable real-time status sharing, resulting in perfectly timed logistics execution and process traceability. This same controller provides data analytics including software monitoring and other precision farming applications that remotely automate precise movements of machinery and the best dispatch routes.


AgrOn Logistics is a breakthrough solution, where communications, insights and operations are continuously optimised, from field to processing. Real-time communications between machines enable local coordination, while advanced software handles monitoring, capacity planning, scheduling, dispatching, resource management and more intensive data analysis.

Our software also runs complex mathematical models, such as machine learning and artificial intelligence, to learn from and automate data for repetitive workflows and to generate optimised planning. It is fully interoperable (hardware-agnostic) with synchronised insights in real time that deliver non-stop process optimisation.

Features and Benefits

AgrOn Logistics empowers customers with a solution that is field-tested and proven to deliver enhanced management controls, real-time agility, better resource allocation and improved productivity - all while reducing TCO and OPEX.

Where AgrOn Logistics truly stands out is in its market approach: a single, end-to-end solution that optimises the entire decision-making process. These capabilities are entirely interoperable and systems-agnostic, meaning customers can deploy them individually or alongside incumbent hardware, software or other solutions.

The benefit to forestry harvest operations is complete connectivity, with workflow synchronisation that optimises every step of the process from planning to dispatching to real-time execution and full machine automation. This includes:

Harvest Planning & Preparation

  • Planning is central to the harvest process. Our tools generate an optimised harvest planning strategy that is informed by historical data, predictive analytics and field data specific to each planting area.

Resource Tracking & Management

  • Decision makers are able to best allocate resources thanks to access to real-time information reflecting the active resources, current capacities, configuration restrictions and conditions.

Harvest Execution

  • Developed specifically to minimise crop deterioration or loss during transport by synchronising field operations and to enable the uninterrupted flow of raw materials. Our system monitors all processes, providing essential management information with maps, graphs of goals and status reports on field operations for harvesting, planting, application of inputs and cultivation.

Advanced Analytics

  • Using comprehensive data, including projections related to supply and preventive maintenance, our solution schedules all routing, enabling support lorries to focus primarily on the machines that need attention.
  • This smart platform continually generates reports and maps. If failure occurs with any equipment or machine monitored in the agricultural operations centre, an alert is sent so that the operator can make decisions when it matters most.
  • The entire control process can be driven by ideal performance KPIs, giving critical and strategic information to decision makers to fine tune resource allocation or change local operation in order to achieve the expected daily goals.

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