HxGN AgrOn | Fleet Support for Forestry Cultivation

This solution better manages support vehicles that maintain and supply the primary machines used for cultivation.

HxGN AgrOn | Fleet Support improves the management of vehicles responsible for machine maintenance and supply. The product guarentees optimised routes for tankers, repair trucks and cable roll-off hoists where harvesting, planting, and cultivation occur, so that harvesters, tractors, and other equipment, maintain productivity.

Before each work shift, AgrOn | Fleet Support receives cycle information established for these machines; for example, projections related to supply and preventive maintenance; the product prepares a route where the support vehicles know to go to the respective machine. This ensures smart and accurate logistics.

Functions and benefits:

  • Management and control of the support fleet (train) to ensure supply and maintenance directly in the work fronts.
  • Route scheduling for the support fleet from the machine cycles which execute field operations.

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