HxGN AgrOn | Raw Material Tracking for Forestry Logistics

The product executes automated tracking of the raw material load, whether sugarcane or wood. This is done from the origin in the field until the delivery in industry, thereby dispensing using manual indication and ID labels.


The use of the AgrOn | Raw Material Tracking starts in the field when the harvesting occurs. The OnBoard Controllers use georeferencing to locate with accuracy the property and the stand where the operation is being executed. Monitoring all the movements, times and speeds of the machine, the OnBoard Controllers record both the place of origin of the raw material and the corresponding performance indices of the operation, linking the information to AgrOn | Raw Material Tracking system. Such record, as of this moment, will accompany the cargo in all the processes of loading, transfer and transportation.

Arriving at the industrial unit, the product downloads all the cargo information in the control database. Thus, AgrOn | Raw Material Tracking performs, linked to the AgrOn | Control Room and to the systems intended to control the harvest and payment of third parties. Therefore, besides additional tracking up to the grinding plant or extraction point, precious information is generated regarding raw material, which leads to better use being made of the industrial processing.

Functions and benefits:

  • Use of advanced communication resources, transmitting locally by WiFi the information from one machine to another dispensing with the need for an external covering network by 3G/4G signal.
  • Exclusive use of ID Gadgets of trailers and transfers, which not only recognise the transport units, but also record and communicate data and information automatically with the OnBoard Controllers.
  • Elimination of human intervention for indication of cargo origin and data for payment.
  • Increased precision of production data, allowing management of greater quality and the implementation of precision agricultural methods in cultivation.