HxGN AgrOn Machine Monitoring

Information management system for machines and fleets in the field.


Integrates detailed monitoring of machinery and fleets with information management systems, making possible the equipment telematics in agriculture. Acting from second to second, it records all the agriculture fleet tracking and the activity being performed, providing detailed reports on indicators of machine performance and behavior, productivity, area worked, distance traveled, speed, RPM, etc.

What are the benefits of equipment telematics in agriculture?
With the use of telemetry in agricultural machines, it is possible to collect data on every action that the equipment is doing second to second, so it will be possible to have access to information that allows the operator and/or manager to understand what needs to improve in each operation and what can continue to be done, as it is generating good results. With all this data control in hand, it is possible to improve management and track the entire agricultural fleet, reduce costs with unnecessary waste that was not previously noticed, such as fuel use and non-productive times.


Hexagon_AG_ISOBUS_ Terminal_Universal

Learn more about AgrOn Machine Monitoring:
  • Read RPM and/or similar parameters of the machine
  • Time monitoring with automatic classification through rules associated to positioning, sensors and time of tolerance
  • Downtime monitoring with a simple and flexible interface to indicate reasons of suspended operation
  • Speed information of the operation on the display
  • Integration with pre-existing sensors of the machine or installation of own sensors
  • Configurable alarms, as sensor measurements, inconsistent operator indication with combination of sensor states, time reason not indicated
  • Ability to work in conjunction with the AgrOn Control Room, to capture information in real-time
  • Integrated to the Ti5 or Ti7 display
  • It has the add-on module of HxGN AgrOn Machine Monitoring | Remote Access

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