HxGN AgrOn Harvest Planning

System that plans and optimises the harvest schedule.

Optimises the harvesting plan by taking into account variables like constraints and logistics for the harvest.

  • Defines the ideal harvesting period for all production areas for the entire year
  • Maximises the production and total quality of raw material harvested in the field
  • Synchronises logistics - taking into account the operational capacity
  • Ability to compare scenarios with the generation of different harvest strategies
  • Evaluates the costs, bottlenecks and impacts of constraints
  • Allows monitoring and reprogramming throughout the year
  • Maximisation of productivity
  • Monthly production projection
  • Maximises the production of sugarcane
  • Generates optimised harvest schedule
  • Agility in simulation of different scenarios
  • Optimisation of production return
  • Harvest operational scheduling (monthly / weekly / daily)
  • Conflict analysis and identifies process bottlenecks
  • Monitoring of the operations and programming previously planned
  • Evaluates the established constraint costs

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HxGN AgrOn Transport Optimisation

Synchronised system for transport and cutting operations in the field.

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