HxGN AgrOn Logistics Support Planning

Management system for support vehicles that maintain and supply primary machines.

Improves management of trucks responsible for maintenance and supply of the machines that execute field and forestry operations. It receives the cycle information established for these machines; for example, projections related to supply and preventive maintenance. The product prepares a routing so that the support lorries go to the areas where the machines are, in optimised mode, ensuring smart and accurate maintenance and supply.

Hexagon_AG_AgrOn_Logistics _Support_Laptop screen


  • Generates daily itineraries for fleet
  • Enables dedicated and optimised models of the convoy, workshop, board and winch truck vehicles
  • Reduces the total mileage driven by optimal sequencing of routes
  • Increases total availability of production machines
  • Controls driver work days in accordance with labour restrictions


  • Ensures the delivery of raw material uninterruptedly
  • Improves the efficiency of equipment maintenance in the field
  • Ensures supply and maintenance directly at work fronts
  • Improves fleet management support

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