HxGN AgrOn Haul-Out Dynamic Allocation

Synchronised system for allocation of haul-out transporter and the cutting pace of harvesters.

Optimisation of the haul-out so that the harvester does not interrupt the cutting of sugarcane, ensures there is no shortage of trucks to transport the raw material. The product monitors the positioning of each equipment and notifies when a tractor should move to the location of operation. This decision considers distances between the equipment, times and routes for movement, and the synchronisation of activities between the machines.

Hexagon_AG_ISOBUS_ Terminal_Universal

  • Indicates the ideal moment for moving a haul-out tractor assembly to a harvester
  • Considers distances, paths and times of movement on the cutting front
  • Increases the total time of operation of harvesters, due to the reduction of the waiting time by available haul-outs
  • Exclusive for sugarcane harvesting operations
  • Ensures uninterrupted cane cutting
  • Reduced stoppage time
  • Increases cutting capacity
  • Increases delivery of work fronts

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