HxGN AgrOn Planting Assistant

An operator assistance system for excavators to conduct forest planting.

Developed in a unique way to improve the accuracy in the operation of forest planting with excavators. The system helps the operator to reach target positions for forestry and also provides georeferenced data of seedlings. The product eliminates the need to mark the positions for planting, allowing this to be done via planning software.

  • Assists the operator of excavators to conduct planting in the planned area.
  • Generates maps with the position of the georeferenced seedlings.
  • Marks the target positions for planting.
  • Includes an intuitive interface.
  • Ideal for planting operations on sloping ground.
  • It can be used in conjunction with HxGN AgrOn Control Room, and HxGN AgrOn Machine Monitoring.
  • Integrated into the Ti7 display.
  • Includes the HxGN AgrOn Planting Assistant | Remote Access add-on module.
  • Removes the manual step of marking target points.
  • Ensures that the quantity of programmed seedlings is planted.
  • Improves quality management, by indicating which region was worked on, planting accuracy, planting speed.
  • Increases productivity by allowing operator performance to be indicated and reviewed.
  • Enables night-time planting with greater security.
  • Enables a more uniform spacing between seedlings.

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