HxGN AgrOn Seedling Marker

System that uses georeferencing to generate maps of seedlings and pits for forestry operation.

Allows the georeferencing of seedlings and pits through the external activation of sensors installed in the machine, generating maps for use in subsequent activities, such as irrigation and fertilisation. Allows the configuration of dimension and distance parameters of each machine in the displays for better precision of the georeferenced point.

  • Allows triggering of points through analogue or digital sensors
  • Facilitates irrigation and fertilization on each seedling through geo-referencing markings
  • Exclusive to forestry operations
  • Integrated to the Ti5, Ti7, or Ti10 display
  • Includes the Remote Access add-on module
  • Locates best pit location
  • Assists in irrigation and fertilisation
  • Reduce input waste
  • Increases job accuracy

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HxGN AgrOn Subsoiling Control

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