Machine Automation

HxGN AgrOn Guidance

Orientation system that maintains alignment for tractors, machinery and agricultural and forestry equipment while executing routes.

HxGN AgrOn Machine Monitoring

Integrates detailed monitoring of machinery and fleets with information management systems.

HxGN AgrOn Auto Steering

System that allows remote access to Displays and Onboard Controllers when technical assistance and calibrations are required.

HxGN AgrOn Fertilisation Control

Intelligently regulates and automates the application of limestone and fertiliser, avoiding waste and stoppage while also showing application coverage in real-time.

HxGN AgrOn Sprayer Control

Performs automatic control of spray sections, minimising overlap in application of inputs and avoiding excess and failures during application.

HxGN AgrOn Planting Control

Allows automatic opening and closing of the clutches and shuts down hydraulic motors that drive lines without the need for mechanical stops or adaptations in the machines.


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Embedded Electronics

Displays and Onboard Controllers that include precision agriculture features in agricultural and forestry machines.