HxGN AgrOn Guidance

Orientation system that maintains alignment for tractors, machinery and agricultural and forestry equipment while executing routes.

Guides and maintains machine positioning through arrows and virtual direction lines for the operator to reference – aiming to maintain planned alignment and obtain greater speed, practicality and quality. It’s used when there’s a need to determine the correct alignment and is an aid in identifying locations for soil preparation, fertilisation, bait, limestone and herbicide applications. This product also provides control over the stretching of the vinasse hoses through GPS positions – avoiding the need for markings and eliminating the risk of breakage.

  • Accuracy in all modes of operation - straight, curved and pivot
  • Includes multiple orientation options
  • Loads map into system and enables control over the applied area
  • Allows marking objects on the map to improve orientation in low visibility
  • Integrated with the Ti5 or Ti7 display
  • Has the additional Remote Access module