HxGN AgrOn Control Room

Centralised control system that monitors the cultivation, harvesting and transportation operations in real-time performed in the field.

AgrOn Control Room continuously receives data from production locations enabling centralised monitoring and management of all cultivation, harvesting and transportation operations. Its easy-to-use interface allows managers to see maps and reports, with real-time alerting of anomalies, incidents, machine performance issues, and any deviation from the cultivation and harvesting plan to enable timely intervention. AgrOn Control Room works across a wide array of different types of operations and integrates with existing hardware and software.

  • View operations and equipment through georeferenced maps
  • Generates reports on operating times and downtimes, productivity and yields
  • Shows start and end time of operations, detailing all data sensed on machines
  • Issues notifications and alerts so processes flow with maximum efficiency and productivity
  • Constant monitoring between planned activities and executed operations
  • Develops decision trees, with a script of standard procedures to be followed in certain occurrences and problems
  • Ability to work with with AgrOn Ti5, AgrOn Ti7 and AgrOn Core Box

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