Guidance by arrows and virtual guide so equipment operators remain in the right line.

Virtual guide for agricultural equipment operators.

Guide is a resource of Onboard Control that allows the operator to obtain greater speed, practicality and quality in the executed activity. The product allows operation in straight lines and in bends and pivots, as the sensitivity is configurable.

This navigation aid system allows savings of product resources and better use of the work area because the activity can be fully automated. The virtual lines avoid overlapping during the application of product resources and ensure operational productivity.

On average, if the system is employed appropriately, one can expect up to 5% gain in savings of product resources and up to 3% gain in cultivation area.

Functions and Benefits:

  • Touch screen
  • Precision in all operating modes
  • Light Bar with configurable sensitivity
  • Multiple guidance options
  • Reading of maps in Shape format (.shp)
  • Ability to export or import maps through USB

Standard function in Ti5 and Ti7.


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Better navigate with our electric or hydraulic pilot and ensure alignment and minimised overlap.