Detailed monitoring of machines and fleets that integrate with the information management system.


The Monitoring solution logs second-by-second data on the trip computer about the machine’s position and specific activities performed. After being exported, detailed reports are provided with indicators about machine performance, productivity, area and distance covered, among many others. This information can also be associated with individual operators, teams or types of activities.

The Monitoring Module is robust and flexible for decision makers in agricultural management processes; with characteristics that can be easily configured with customer requirements and operational environments. 

Monitoring works through the integration of the Onboard Controllers hardware and the online software platforms, SWS and AgrOn | Control Room. The hardware is installed in the machines and implements, while the software stores, processes and presents vital information.

The Onboard Controllers capture data from existing sensors in machines or from sensors specified and installed for the custom application. The ongoing and detailed record of every machine action ensures reliability and assertiveness for decision making. The automatic, sensors-based data capture (with minimum human intervention) also helps to reduce incorrect service orders, appointments and inputs and computation of machine hours.

Functions and benefits:

  1. RPM reading and/or similar machine parameters 
  2. Monitoring of productive times through rules for positioning, sensors and tolerance time
  3. Monitoring of unproductive times, with friendly, flexible interface for assigning idle machine time.
  4. Speed of operation details on the trip computer
  5. Integration with pre-existing machine sensors or installation of owned sensors
  6. Configurable alarms for sensor thresholds, inconsistent operator input vs. sensor measures, non-productive times

Adaptive machines:

  1. Tractors.
  2. Harvesters
  3. Road infrastructure machines
  4. Trucks

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