Spray Control

Automated control of spraying to minimise overlapping of liquid product resources or avoid excess application.

Spray control for agriculture.

With Spray Control, operators can execute automatic control of spraying sections, minimising overlap in the application of product resources. Spray Control also avoids excess and failures in the application of areas.

Spray Control allows automatic control of the flow applied, ensuring the recommended doses regardless of varied operating speeds of the machines.

The system sends an alarm when the operation is outside the range compatible with the selected nozzle or outside the working speed range. These functions can generate savings of up to 10% in the applied product resources.

Functions and Benefits:

  • Automatic control of spraying nozzles – minimising overlap in the application of product resources
  • Manual control of sections
  • Automatic closing of sections, avoiding excess spraying
  • Installation with several sets of valves in various types of sprayer
Function available in Ti5 and Ti7.

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