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Cultivate Intelligently: Connect. Synchronise. Optimise.

If you can't control everything, you can't control anything

This sums up the business of farming in a single phrase. The truth is, successfully managing operations for an enterprise farm is one of the riskiest endeavors you can undertake. It requires control at so many levels, yet you face countless variables and unpredictability. Furthermore, the challenges you encounter with the cultivation lifecycle operations are among the most complex, and can threaten ROI and profitability.

At Hexagon Agriculture, we’re putting our customers in control with HxGN AgrOn Production, a complete management solution for intelligent planning, efficiency and control of field operations. Totally connected, its real-time monitoring technologies provide complete situational awareness. Currently deployed in some of the world’s most successful commercial farms, HxGN AgrOn Production is lowering OPEX and significantly improving profitability.

Compatible with existing hardware and software, AgrOn Production captures, compiles and manages data from multiple sources, including legacy software systems, historical database records, and third-party sensors like weigh stations and weather data.


Reasons to Choose HxGN AgrOn Production

When you consider all your alternatives for comprehensive cultivation management solutions, HxGN AgrOn Production is the obvious choice:

#1 HxGN AgrOn Production is developed for enterprise farms, by enterprise farms, with thousands of hours spent in the field with customers, observing, listening, and testing to develop a solution that is ready, with the capabilities you asked for:

  • Automation of operations at every stage of cultivation
  • A modular approach to allow flexibility to buy individual modules or adopt the complete cultivation management solution
  • Ease of configuration so that modules meet your specific requirements
  • Compatibility with existing installed hardware to protect your investment
  • Flexible licensing and business models
  • Scalable to many thousands of assets and all equipment configurations

#2 HxGN AgrOn Production’s adopters are already finding efficiency gains and operational cost savings in the range of 10% across a wide range of crops:

  • HxGN AgrOn Production was quickly adopted and put to use by some of the world’s largest crop producers
  • Up to 10% annual cost savings in specific operational areas are being reported
  • Overall cost savings are being tracked by HxGN AgrOn Production users in the magnitude of millions of dollars

#3 Backed by the support and R&D commitment of a global technology leader

  • HxGN AgrOn Production combines domain expertise with the resources and R&D commitment of its global technology leading parent company, Hexagon
  • Hexagon ensures a future-proof investment in innovations that are enabling the digital transformation of the agriculture industry, including leadership in:
    • Machine Learning
    • Machine Control
    • Sensors
    • Data Capture and Visualisation
    • Ensured Positioning Anywhere
  • Expert services and support delivered by a global technology leader with agricultural industry expertise and customers in more than 30 countries


Features and Benefits

Every technology with the best benefits for:

  • Increase yield from existing land: using HxGN AgrOn Production to optimise planning, scheduling, soil preparation, planting, and cultivation processes for maximum yield, quality and quantity.
  • Address inefficient labour challenges with automation: using HxGN AgrOn Production to automate operations at every stage of the sugarcane cultivation lifecycle, drawing on real-time sensor data, intelligent onboard controllers with centralised monitoring and control.
  • Maintain profitability as prices rise: using HxGN AgrOn Production to optimise the use of resources such as seeds, seedlings, water, fertiliser, chemicals and fuel; minimise waste and downtime; and streamline the IT environment for lower OPEX.
  • Comply with industry regulations: using HxGN AgrOn Production to monitor and record activity for accurate, granular reporting in the areas of food traceability, sustainability, use of chemicals and more.


HxGN AgrOn Production Products

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HxGN AgrOn | Resource Plan

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HxGN AgrOn | Onboard Controllers

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