HxGN AgrOn | Planting Plan for Sugarcane Cultivation

Optimise your cultivation strategy by calculating inputs, resources, and land needed for long-term production.

From the planting strategy to organising the cultivation, HxGN AgrOn | Planting Plan executes a long-term plan that is aligned with end goals. For example, if the goal is to double production in four harvests, the product executes the ideal planning for improvement, expansion, and planting to attain this goal at the lowest possible cost.

This is planned considering criteria and restrictions for the area, its capacity, budget available, and cost of capital. HxGN AgrOn | Planting Plan optimises and indicates, year by year, the ideal planting area of sugarcane, the quantity of seedlings to be used, and how much will be available for processing.

Functions and benefits:

  • Planning for future cycles – indicating the varieties, areas, and times for forming the sugarcane crop and handling the pace of expansion in alignment with the established goals.
  • Forecast of planting so that planning does not undergo significant changes.
  • Simulations of crop failures and yield/production for future cycles.

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