Solutions for Logistics for Sugarcane

HxGN AgrOn Logistics

An intelligent, fully integrated solution for sugarcane producers helping them plan, manage, monitor, analyse and optimise the complex logistics processes essential to harvest, transshipping and transportation.

Harvest Plan

HxGN AgrOn | Harvest Plan for Sugarcane Logistics

Enables advanced planning for the harvest including optimisation of field preparation, planting and inputs all adapted to the specific variables of each production location

Fleet Control

HxGN AgrOn | Fleet Control for Sugarcane Logistics

Ensures that the equipment involved in the harvest operation is working at the optimum levels of efficiency and productivity, through the monitoring and control of each machine, providing accurate information in real time and analyzing the operations.

Fleet Support

HxGN AgrOn | Fleet Support for Sugarcane Logistics

Fleet Support improves the management of support vehicles responsible for the maintenance and supply of machines that execute field operations

Control Room

HxGN AgrOn | Control Room for Sugarcane Logistics

It is the central online system that processes and summarizes fleet data and operations data in real time to aid decision making and direct the control processes to the operators by integrating the control room and controller.


HxGN AgrOn | One Line for Sugarcane Logistics

Optimises truck dispatch so harvesting machines do not interrupt cutting of raw material.

HxGN AgrOn | Raw Material Tracking for Sugarcane Logistics

The product executes automated tracking of the raw material starting at the origin in the field, until the delivery in industry, dispensing using manual indications and ID labels.

The New Way Harvest Smart

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