HxGN AgrOn | Fleet Control for Sugarcane Logistics

This controls the fleet involved in transporting the sugarcane, synchronising operations and providing optimisation in the dispatch of the lorries.

AgrOn | Fleet Control ensures that the equipment involved in the harvest operation is efficient and productive. Since the sugarcane needs to be processed within an ideal timeframe (for example, 30 hours) for there not to be loss of sugar, the synchronisation of the field operations is essential in this process. The product was developed specifically for this purpose to ensure that the flow of raw material is not interrupted.

The monitoring and control of the lorries which transport the sugarcane are executed in real time. With AgrOn | Fleet Control, the Agricultural Operations Centre receives real time information about the active resources, the momentaneous capacities, the configuration restrictions and conditions, best allocating each resource.

Thus, saving time, capacity and unnecessary cost. This ensures an optimised flow for the cutting, loading and transporting operations, as well as continuous supply and shorter delivery time.

Functions and benefits:

  • Monitoring and control of the equipment and machines in real time to ensure the delivery of sugarcane to the factory.
  • Supply of accurate information about the positioning of the sugarcane lorries, speeding up decision-making.
  • Definition of the harvest fronts which each lorry must follow, using a dispatch system which has optimisation algorithms.
  • Remote follow-up of the harvesters with analysis of the operations and efficiencies, ensuring the indices projected are attained.

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