HxGN AgrOn | One Line for Sugarcane Logistics

Optimises truck dispatch so harvesting machines do not interrupt cutting of raw material.

One line

Aiming to optimise logistics in the field, One Line seeks to ensure that the harvesting machines do not stop the cutting activity due to lack of trailers. To do so, the product employs dispatch optimisation algorithms which are stored in the Onboard Controllers of the harvesters and tractors responsible for moving these trailers. 

Monitoring the positioning of each item of equipment, the system is responsible for deciding when a tractor must be moved to the operating location of a harvester. This decision considers distances between equipment, times and routes for movement and the synchronisation of execution of the activities between the machines.

In other words, the effect expected is that, when a harvester is finishing the loading of a transshipment cart, there is available, in the place, a second trailer to replace the first one – without the harvester having to wait and stop cutting the raw material. And, regarding the transshipment area, there occurs an analogous process of synchronisation. Everything supported by the resource of machine-to-machine communication by long-distance local WiFi network or Radio.

Functions and benefits:

  • Decisions optimised by algorithms, which indicate when a tractor must be moved to the operating location of a harvester.
  • Consideration, by the system, of distances between equipment, routes and movement times.
  • Increased efficiency of the logistical process, with reduced stoppage times of harvesting machines due to the absence of transshipment trailers for loading.
  • Increased yield of cutting and delivery capacity of the harvesting fronts.

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