HxGN AgrOn Transport Optimisation

Synchronised system for transport and cutting operations in the field.

HxGN AgrOn Auto Steering

Automated precision navigation system for tractor, machinery and agricultural and forestry equipment.

HxGN AgrOn Raw Material Traceability

System of automated raw material tracing from the origin all the way to delivery in the industry.

MP Agro and Hexagon

MP Agro improves precision agriculture technology and grows with Hexagon partnership.

São Martinho and Hexagon

Learn how São Martinho improved speed, operations efficiency and cost saving with HxGN AgrOn.

Cenibra and Hexagon

Learn more about the company that sought technology solutions to remain competitive.

Shark and Hexagon

Learn about Shark's history and understand Hexagon's commitment to empowering its partners.

PVT and Hexagon

Learn how Pulverjet, manufacturer of sprayers, reduced their field service costs.

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