Shaping Smart Change

At Hexagon we believe the shape of progress is change. The kind of change sought by every enterprise—that fills a clearly defined gap. Flanked on one side by what is and on the other by what should be.

This is the shape of progress. The shape of change. This is Hexagon. Shaping smart change.

The Story Behind our Icon

The foundational concept behind the shape of the Hexagon Agriculture icon is growth and strength. The convergence and upward motion of our verdant triangles represent fields of vital crops as they reach for the sun and thrive, helped along by Hexagon technology.

The challenges related to producing food for a rapidly growing world are enormous, and technology will continue to play an increasingly important role in providing solutions. Our graphic identifier captures what Hexagon Agriculture is all about – shaping smart change for agroindustry with solutions that help increase productivity, reduce waste and optimise processes and resources. With our know-how, information and action work together to increase efficiency and improve crop yields while saving costs.

#ShapingSmartChange with Bernardo de Castro

Bernardo’s early start in the agriculture industry led to technology and the task of creating more efficient process solutions at Hexagon.

Creative Gallery

View Hexagon’s conceptual and visual expressions of shaping smart change.