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Solutions for Original Equipment Manufacturers


Digitising, automating and connecting the agriculture industry are key objectives for many leading companies. However, with the need to remain focused on their core business, these organisations are relying on partnerships to develop these technologies. With innovation leaders like Hexagon, they can bridge the gap between what agriculture is and what it should be.

Our solutions, sensors and software help original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) leverage the true digital potential of agriculture and differentiate their products in the market. As a result, their customers experience improved workflows, optimising yield and maximising their profit.

There are several reasons Hexagon is the ideal partner for OEMs:

  1. We are a “one-stop shop” - the synergy between our divisions and global performance in segments such as engineering, positioning, geospatial and manufacturing allows us to offer unique and complete solutions.
  2. We are innovative – a high percentage of Hexagon’s sales is invested in R&D, so we can provide our partners cutting-edge technological solutions.
  3. We are financially strong – Hexagon is a sound and dependable option for an organisation seeking a stable partnership.

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