Auto Steering

Navigation aid that ensures alignment and minimises overlapping.

Auto steer for agriculture.

The Auto Steering system, developed to improve performance and operation precision, aids navigation and can be fully integrated with other functions of Hexagon’s precision agriculture equipment.

Available in Electric and Hydraulic models, Auto Steering provides a big advantage minimising overlap during planting, the application of product resources and cultivation practices. 

The option of following pre-defined lines allows the route to be planned directly from your office or a control room. As a result, users can maximise field resources and the repetitiveness of the trajectory, as well as significantly reduce soil compaction.

On average, if operated appropriately, Auto Steering is expected to provide 5% gain in savings for product resources and up to 3% in gain of the cultivation area. The Automatic Pilot was designed to make the most of these gains, providing operation with greater efficiency.

Functions and Benefits:

  • Electric or hydraulic activation 
  • Correction system for slope and abrupt maneuvers
  • Ability to work in straight lines, bends and pivots, maintaining the vehicle on the line even in difficult conditions
  • Adaptability to most tractors in the market
  • High performance, ensuring best adjustment time to route
  • “Hands-free” operation capability so operators can focus on other agricultural activities
  • Ability to design loading lines in the office
  • Reduced operator fatigue

Function available in Ti5 (Electric) and Ti7.

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