HxGN AgrOn | Resource Plan for Sugarcane Cultivation

This solution improves each cycle’s cultivation plan for maximum efficiency – scheduling operations intelligently and calculating the quantity of resources required for each stage.

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This is a system that plans out all operations and resources to be used during preparation and planting– avoiding wasting resources and staff.

HxGN AgrOn | Resource Plan organises more than 300 different operations required for planting, cultivating, and harvesting sugarcane.

Furthermore, the product designates the quantities of resources required for each one of these operations. It prepares the balance of the resources available so that the year’s planning is properly executed; for example, indicating the requirement of outsourcing.

Functions and benefits:

  • It prepares a precise plan for allocation of resources (machines, implementations, product resources, operators, rural labour, etc.) for planting and treatments.
  • It balances the availability of resources with the demand, as well as the restrictions of capacity, alternatives of allocation/outsourcing and budget limits.

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