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Raízen recognised as one of Brazil’s 100+ Innovators in IT

24 April 2017

Florianópolis, Brazil, March/2017 - Raízen, a leader in agroindustry and Hexagon Agriculture client, has been recognised as one of Brazil’s 100+ Innovators in IT for its work on the Pentagon Project, an initiative that utilises remote monitoring and control technology to manage the harvesting operations of all Raízen units from a single room.

With approximately 30,000 employees, Raízen operates in all areas of the sugarcane sector – cultivation, sugar production, ethanol and energy, commercialisation, internal and export logistics, distribution and fuel retailing.

The main objective of the Pentagon Project is the single-room centralisation of all plant logistics, allowing remote control and management of harvesting tasks (cutting, loading and transport) and support processes (maintenance, supply and machinery) for the company’s 19 agricultural units.

Through the application of its iFROTA and iMEC systems, Hexagon Agriculture is optimising these operations.

The iFROTA system manages traffic control for trucks, from vehicle dispatch to the field to loading the harvest and ending the travel cycle with unloading at the plant. This process is fully automated and ensures a continuous supply of raw material every minute, with reduction of queues and optimisation of assigned resources, balancing capacities, allocation and times of operations. In addition, it centralises information control from different units, as well as optimises and communicates dispatch decisions remotely with self-service totems used by trucks upon arrival and departure from the plants. The iMEC system is designed to optimise resource support operations, such as refuelling and maintenance, and the ongoing development of machine movement planning and input delivery.

”When leaving the plant, the driver of the truck passes an identification badge on the totems that triggers our optimisation algorithm and defines what work front he should follow by providing the information on the screen of that totem. Everything is automated and without human intervention, ensuring that our optimisation model is responsible for 100% of the dispatch decisions for the mills’ trucks,” says Alexandre Alencar, CPO of Hexagon Agriculture.

These two systems already were part of Raízen's architecture, but underwent several modifications to meet the innovation requirements of the Pentagon Project.

Learn more about Hexagon Agriculture’s technologies for planning, optimisation, management and automation in the agriculture, forestry and sugarcane industries by visiting hexagonagriculture.com.

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