HxGN AgrOn | Control Room

Online central follow-up system which has the function of monitoring all the field operations in the forestry activities.

AgrOn | Control Room is a broad system which processes and summarises fleet andoperations data. The product does this in real time, so as to aid decision-making anddirect the control processes to the operators. Composed of several functionalities, it hasthe function of monitoring all the operations to ensure that the planning is fulfilled. 

The system provides reports and maps continually. If failure occurs with any equipmentor machine monitored in the operations centre, an alert is sent so that the operator can make a decision in real time.

AgrOn | Control Room is interlinked to AgrOn | Fleet Control to avoid loss of productivity. It is the monitoring of all processes, providing essential management information, with maps, graphs of goals and reports of the status of field operations for harvesting, planting, application of fertilisers, cultivation, etc., in each one of the areas monitored.

Functions and benefits:

● Online system of follow-up and monitoring of the machines and equipment.

● Configurations integrated and in real time between AgrOn | Control Room and on-board computer.

● Viewing of operations and equipment on georeferenced maps.

● Reports of times of operation and stoppage, productivity and yield.

● Operation start and end time.

● System of indication of hours worked.

● Operation by means of notifications and alerts so that the processes flow with maximum efficiency and productivity.


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