Solutions for Cultivation in Forestry

Fleet Support

HxGN AgrOn | Fleet Support for Forestry Cultivation

Management and planning of the support fleet, ensuring efficient maintenance of the equipment in the field.

Control Room

HxGN AgrOn | Control Room for Forestry Cultivation

It is the central online system that processes and summarises fleet data and operations data in real time to aid decision making and direct the control processes to the operators by integrating the control room and controller.

HxGN AgrOn | Resource Plan for Forestry Cultivation

It plans allocation of own and third party resources during preparation, planting and cultivation.

HxGN AgrOn | Service Orders for Forestry Cultivation

Operationalisation of Resource Planning by issuing service orders and the control of notes, ensuring they are executed when scheduled.

HxGN AgrOn | Production Plan for Forestry Cultivation

Long-term planning of all the operations involved in the planting and expansion of the forestry cultivation area.

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