Machine Control

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HxGN AgrOn ISOBUS Display

Standardised communication to connect the implement and the tractor in a single display.

HxGN AgrOn Guidance

Orientation system that maintains positioning for tractors, machinery and agricultural and forestry equipment during routes.

HxGN AgrOn Auto Steering

Automated precision navigation system for tractor, machinery and agricultural and forestry equipment.

HxGN AgrOn Fertilisation Control

Automated control system for fertiliser and limestone applications.

HxGN AgrOn Sprayer Control

Automated control system for spray sections during application.

HxGN AgrOn Bait Control

Automated system that controls the application of the formicidal bait during forestry operations.

HxGN AgrOn Planting Control

Automated planter control system during farm and forestry operations.

HxGN AgrOn Machine Monitoring

Information management system for machines and fleets in the field.

HxGN AgrOn Planting Monitor

Monitoring system for spacing of seed and sugarcane billets.

HxGN AgrOn Seedling Marker

System that uses georeferencing to generate maps of seedlings and pits for forestry operation.

HxGN AgrOn Subsoiling Control

Subsoiling depth monitoring system.

HxGN AgrOn Haul-Out Dynamic Allocation

Synchronised system for allocation of haul-out transporter and the cutting pace of harvesters.


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