HxGN AgrOn Sprayer Control

Automated control system for spray sections during application.

sprayer control

Automatically controls each spray section and minimises input overlap – avoiding application excess and failures. It also has a sprayer rate controller for the applied flow and guarantees optimal input dosage; even if the speeds of the machine operations vary.

How do automatic spray control systems work?

By installing valve sets on sprayers of different brands and using precision agriculture, it is possible to regulate and intelligently control the application of inputs in the spraying sections. Hexagon's automatic spray control system also sends an alarm when the operation is outside the compatible range of the selected nozzle or outside the working speed range.


Learn more about AgrOn Sprayer Controller:
  • Automatic spray control system for section
  • Enables manual control of sections
  • Allows installation with various valve assemblies
  • Monitors and controls the application of up to 2 liquid inputs in up to 16 sections
  • Has sprayer rate controller
  • Integrated to the Ti5, Ti7 or Ti10 display
  • Has the add-on module HxGN AgrOn Sprayer Control | Remote Access 
What are the benefits of AgrOn Sprayer Control?
  • Minimises overlapping in the input application
  • Optimises input applications
  • Reduces the number of damaged seedlings
  • Increases productivity


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