HxGN AgrOn Ti5 Ti7

Displays that offer customised solutions for machine and agricultural implements manufacturers.

Hexagon offers agricultural machinery and implement manufacturers the HxGN AgrOn Ti5 and AgrOn Ti7 displays with Machine Automation solution.

The displays are compatible with several machines on the market, are intuitive, robust and improve agricultural processes through automated tasks that generate better efficiency and quality.

  • Rugged aluminum case
  • Contrast screen for daytime viewing with lots of light or in low visibility conditions
  • Touchscreen display
  • Reading maps in Shape format (.shp)
  • Imports prescription maps
  • Exports maps of work completed
  • Registration of detailed operations information
  • Remote technical assistance
  • Certifications: R&TTE on Wi-Fi or 3G equipments, CE Marking, ISO 9001
  • Conectivity: Wi-Fi or 3G
  • Charging: 12Vdc
  • Operating Temperature: -20°C to 60°C
  • Interfaces CAN, USB and RS-232
Farming accuracy:
  • GNSS L1 10Hz - GPS/Glonass 28 cm (pass to pass, 15min) 
  • GNSS L1/L2 20Hz - GPS/Glonass 15cm (pass to pass, 15min)
  • GNSS L1/L2/Lband 20Hz - GPS/Glonass/TerraStar (4cm absolute)
  • GNSSL1/L2/Lband 20Hz – GPS/Glonass/TerraStar (2,5cm absolute)
  • GNSSL1/L2/Lband 20Hz – GPS/Glonass/RTK – 2 cm (absolute)

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HxGN AgrOn Core Box

Innovative Onboard Controller that offers customised solutions for manufacturers of agricultural implements and machines.