Precision Agriculture

Auto Steering

Help navigate with our electric or hydraulic pilot and ensure alignment and minimises overlapping.


Guidance by arrows and virtual guide so equipment operators remain in the right line.

Spray Control

Automated spraying control to minimise overlapping of liquid product resources and avoid excess application.

Fertilisation Control

System regulates and automates fertiliser application, avoiding waste and failures.

Planting Monitor

System that controls and adjusts the quantity of seeds applied to soil – avoiding loss and making better use of the work area.

Planting Control

With a simple touch of the screen, the operator can open and close the planter clutches automatically or disconnect hydraulic motors that activate the lines.


Detailed monitoring of machines and fleets that integrate with the information management system.

​Subsoiling Monitor

Subsoil depth monitoring system in soil preparation.

​Bait Monitor

Monitors the activities of formicidal bait’s application.


System that controls the stretch of the vinasse hoses.